Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sort-of-a Shrimp Scampi?

Imagine my delight at the end of a long week when the BF informs me that he is in possession of all the ingredients necessary to make our version of a sort-of-shrimp-scampi! He had made a special Trader Joes trip for shrimp the night before. We had made this dish once before when his sister was in town and it was delicious! It wasn't QUITE as good this time, but I think it was because some of the other ingredients (the shallots, garlic, etc) weren't as fresh. And he bought the frozen pre-cooked shrimp rather than the raw, which I think also contributed to lessening the flavor. Either way it was still delicious!
Here or the shrimps, they are cooking in some olive oil and butter, shallots, garlic, and lemon juice.
You can see the sundried tomatoes here. They are a new favorite of mine - I need to figure out other ways that we can use them.

We mixed everything with some spaghetti.....

And had it with some salad and warmed french bread. I really love this pasta dish - and even more than that, I loved cooking with the BF in his kitchen (its SO much bigger than mine) while we both chopped and sauteed and listened to music. Great way to end the week and start the weekend.


  1. AHHH! These photo's look delish! You need to start posting recipes!

  2. YES! I have a recipe for this since it is an original creation. I will post it from home!