Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dandelion Greens with Fried Egg

So, last night was my personal training night...(OK for the record I realize that I sound like an absolute snob, what with my organic produce delivery and my personal training but I eat a lot of butter...and frankly these two things are very important to me - I don't walk around in Christian Loboutin's...I wear flip you can see where the trading up takes place....) Anyway - I get home fairly late on training night, so I usually cook up something fast and easy-- or just eat leftovers.

In my Organic delivery last week I received some dandelion greens. I had never eaten these before - and they were about to go I did what anyone with wilting dandelion greens in her fridge would do: I did a search on Here is what I found.

Now, I know breakfast for dinner can be kind of polarizing...but for me, it's absolutely comfort food. My family always ate dinner together...and my father is allergic to eggs. Whenever my dad went on business trips, my mom would make me breakfast for dinner so we could have eggs! I remember these times pretty fondly, mom and I eating dinner in our jammies. In hindsight, it probably was the easiest/fastest dinner in the world to make...scramble some eggs, make some toast...throw a piece of fruit on the plate and its dinner.

My mom also introduced me to the delight that is the sunny side up (or once over easy or soft-boiled or poached) egg. I know this is also polarizing (the boyfriend hates a runny yolk), but it really can't be beat.

This was delicious - but I gotta say - I did screw with the recipe just a smidge. I took a piece of bacon and chopped it into pieces, then fried it over medium high heat...once it was browned and crunchy I removed the bits from the pan, along with most of the grease (I left about a teaspoon since bacon grease is yummy) then turned the pan down to medium/low. I then added the garlic to the oil and pretty much followed the recipe from there-- added the crispy bacon to the greens as I was plating.

I was starving after this was complete - so I apologize for the lack of picture...but I am telling you this is tasty - and I am sure you could use any if you like greens and runny yolks, this is for you...

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  1. You are so current!!

    I'm gong to have to stop posting soon. I'm starting to look like a Clean Plate Club Stalker