Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Maple Glazed Carrots

I am lucky enough to work among a group of very tech-savvy individuals. They all know what blogs are, and twitter, facebook, etc. So I have a very captive blog reading audience (I'm still trying to get my mom to add my blog to her "favorites" - she's trying). It's exceptionally hilarious when I'm walking through the halls on my way to a meeting, or printing up a PowerPoint, to have a co-worker yell across the room "hey, great chicken last night!" For anyone at work that doesn't know about the blog - they probably think I'm absolutely nuts, or am hosting tons of dinner parties to which they are never invited...

This particular post is a virtual shout-out to one of my blog readers - I know for a fact that he's elevated my blog to a "fun stuff" category on his RSS feed. He recently mentioned that I have a lot of recipes on here that use TONS of butter...and he's right. So David, here are some veggies, just for you. And nary a pat of butter in sight....

As I've mentioned numerous times, I receive bi-weekly deliveries from Boston Organics. During the winter and early spring, the produce relies pretty heavily on wintertime staples. Squash, kale, potatoes and carrots come nearly every delivery. For a while I was cutting my carrots up as carrot sticks with my lunch...then I made a couple soups. Finally I tired of them and they were forced to the back of the fridge where I could ignore them....

Once I had 3 pounds of carrots and it was difficult to ignore any longer, I decided I needed to do something with them. *** As a side note, after years of buying those little baby carrots, only to have them turn to mush in a week or so in that gross slimy bag, I was amazed at how crisp the carrots remained during their lengthy stay at the back of my fridge...another testament to reducing the amount of processing in food I suppose...I mean, what is that slimy stuff anyway?***

I decided that I would make a big batch of carrot coins - then freeze them in little batches to reheat as a side-dish for dinners...Green Giant has nothing on me.

I started by peeling the carrots, then slicing them into coins. I put them all in a 3 quart sauce-pan with a tablespoon of olive oil (no butter!), a 1/4 cup of maple syrup, 1/2 cup chicken (or vegetable broth), salt, pepper, and a 1/2 tsp of ground ginger (you could use fresh here too - just a little bit less since fresh is so much stronger)

Once everything was in the pot, I brought the liquid to a boil, then covered and reduced to a simmer. This cooked until the carrots were tender and the liquid reduced slightly to create a glaze. This made a TON - so I froze them in little 1 cup containers for easy re-heating.


  1. Thanks, Alicia! This is great...can't wait to try at home!


  2. I like the maple syrup. I always use brown sugar and cinnamon, and butter. :) I will definitely try this.

  3. and again with the brilliantly colored pictures! you should come take a food photography class with me! (although your current photo skills seem to get you there)

    Alton Brown told me that freezing peas in batches will outsmart the green giant as well!

  4. oh. and nice Serious Eats post yesterday!

  5. Sounds really good- going to try this tonight instead of the same old!
    I'll link the recipe here;


  6. Amanda Nicole, thanks for the comment! love your challenge! Best of luck - I'll be reading!