Tuesday, June 23, 2009


So sorry for the lack of posting lately!! Life has gotten crazy. I was on vacation/boyfriend-family time in San Francisco (his sister was graduating from med school - CONGRATS!!!). We had a great time, and of course, lots of good eating (and drinking). In addition to the requisite Mexican fare, we also dined on Cambodian and Senegalese cuisine...Probably two kinds of food I would never think to try, but they were absolutely delicious! We also made a side trip to Sonoma where we purchased some wine. The BF became a fan of syrah, while I bought sparkling and Port....I also bought some 20 year aged balsamic vinegar...mmm.

After the trip I was pretty sick, so no cooking for me...but I promise I will begin posting regularly again ... no excuses, because I'm getting Internet at home!! This means I don't have to work late to drum up posts...and they will happen more often.

I have been really excited to read all of the comments that I've been receiving...and I plan to be more swift with the replies. I am really touched that people are actually reading this...so I wanted to give you a treat!

I've been on a roll with reading lately - mostly about food. Yes, this could be all I think about. I recently finished the book Julie and Julia. The book is being turned into a film (if it hasn't already?). It is about the author, Julia Powell, and her food blog. She started a blog with the personal goal to cook every dish in Julia Child's "The Art of French Cooking". The book was a great read, and I really enjoyed it. It's a pretty funny, easy read.

So here it is. For all the folks who have been commenting...and those of you who may be reading and haven't commented...I am giving away this book!! You can enter into the contest by leaving a comment in this post....I will enter all the names into a hat, and the bf will choose one at random. I will ship the winner the book. Bad economy, free book? Everybody wins!

**EDITED** MUST ENTER BY LEAVING A COMMENT POST BY TUESDAY JUNE 30th....I'll give you a topic. Breakfast: Savory or sweet or nothing at all?


  1. Savory...I love a spicy bloody mary, spinach and feta omlet, home fries with carmalized onions, and sausage links (NOT PATTIES)....

    Yum! Can't go wrong!

  2. Hi Alicia! I figured I'd leave a comment because, hey, I was reading the blog without commenting before, and now I have a chance to win a book :)
    (ps, How about a post of your mom's twiced baked potatoes..mm mm good!)

    As for breakfast, this is boring for a food blog, but I love, love, love cereal.
    Basic 4- I could eat it for every meal.

  3. Hey Kim,
    I couldn't figure out how to respond to you through this thing...blogger still confuses me - So glad you're reading the blog!! I get ridiculously excited when I get comments!! So keep reading. I'll definitely make some twice baked sometime - I totally forgot about those!!