Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!!

So, I feel like I need to write something since I've been a bit quiet for the past week.  Truth is, I've been on vacation from work, recharging my batteries and spending some serious quality time with friends and family.  It's been great.

To all of you who I read and comment regularly - you'll see my comments coming through again in the next few days.

I also promise I'll be updating posts in a few days as well ... until then, I will be cooking - so some recipes to come - a beef tenderloin roast, apple pie, and a specialty pizza among others.

Hope you all have a wonderful and safe new year, and are as lucky as I to spend it with people you care about!!

See you in 2010

1 comment:

  1. Happy New Year!! Can't wait to read more in 2010. Drinks soon!