Thursday, January 14, 2010

Aerogarden, Week 2

Seriously - I don't know how this works but my aerogarden is growing my herbs like NUTS! 
If you remember - I only got this 2 weeks ago - and the herbs looked like this....

These are the chives - sorry so blurry - they got tall overnight!

I have a little mini bushel of thyme now.

And my basil is getting super huge!!

Hmmm - what will I cook with all these herbs?  what are your favorite things to make with chives, thyme and basil?

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  1. So apparently I have hard water and it killed my Basil and Chives... but.. get this.. there is a GERMINATION GUARANTEE with Aerogardens- so I just called them up and they sent me new ones for free! Now mine look like yours! Can't wait to make some Caprese salad!