Thursday, January 21, 2010

Aerogarden, Week 3

The herbs have nearly doubled in size!!  I actually have 2 usable leaves of basil (though I am going to let it grow some more before I start using it). 

The chives have caught up to the basil and thyme. I put a nutrient packet in on Saturday and I think it really sped things up!

KimP told me something very interesting in the comments recently....Aerogarden actually has a germination guarantee!!  Her plants didn't grow originally because she has hard water - but she contacted the company and they replaced her pods...Tell me Kim - do you now have to use bottled water in your aerogarden pot?

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  1. Woah I'm pretty psyched to get my name on your blog!! They shipped me replacements almost immediately and told me not to use bottle water, but to buy distilled water. I've been using that since I got the replacements and they are growing really well now!