Thursday, January 7, 2010

Amazing Grass - New Year's Solution

I'm not a big fan of New Year's resolutions per-se. But I think after the over-eating of the holiday's its natural to want to eat a little healthier come January 1st.  Here is one way that I choose to get some more healthfulness into my diet.  In the interest of full disclosure, I was not paid for my review, but I did receive free products from the Amazing Grass company.

In addition to writing a blog, I also read my fair share of blogs and tweets.  A couple of months ago I noticed a TON of mentions about something called 'Amazing Grass' from a lot of healthy bloggers.  I decided to check out their website for some more information to satisfy my curiosity.

I read up about all of the health benefits of amazing grass products.  They sounded like a great way to supplement healthy eating with some additional vital nutrients that are in a more natural state that a vitamin pill.  Although I tend to cook with a lot of butter, I do try to maintain a relatively healthy lifestyle.  I try to balance healthy eating and working out with occasional indulgences.  I thought these Amazing Grass smoothies sounded great, and had great benefits.  But how could they possibly taste? I mean - grass? Would this stuff taste like lawn clippings?

I was curious, so I reached out to Teri at Amazing Grass and let her know that I would love to sample the product and write up a review here.  She responded very quickly, asked for my address, and told me that she would send a package. 

Follow that exchange with a couple blogging events, a crazy work week and a trip to CT and I completely forgot about Teri and Amazing Grass.  Until about 2 weeks later when I came home and there was a package for me at my apartment!  Mail still excites me!

I scurried in my apartment and opened my box.  I WAS SHOCKED.  I had asked for a couple samples, and they had sent me 2 samples of EVERYTHING they make!! Along with a smoothie cup!  They sent me drink mixes and meal replacement bars - for this post I will only be reviewing the drink mixes - the bars will follow later.

Anyone who has ever tried a 'smoothie' mix, especially one that is supposed to taste like rich chocolate, usually finds that it tastes more like chalk.
Although the chocoate flavors don't taste exactly like Chocolate Fribbles from Friendly's, I definitely didn't feel like I was choking it down.  In fact, it felt like a treat to have some chocolate with my breakfast.  I preferred the drink mixes to the meal replacement shakes simply by nutritionals alone (I don't like to drink my entire meal) but if you like smoothies as your actual meal, these are a great, healthy option.

The berry flavors are great - more refreshing than rich. These mixed the easiest with water...though they were also good mixed with some orange juice. 

They also make 'Kids' amazing grass drink mixes.  These are the most palatable and I would suggest the faint of heart start with these.  They sell small single-serving packets at many Whole Foods stores if you're interested in trying.

After I used up all my packets I went out and bought my own container of Amazing Grass Green Superfood drink mix.  Chocolate for breakfast?  Yum!  I like it best mixed with soymilk and a teaspoon of peanut butter in my magic bullet.
The Amazing Grass products boast tons of healthy benefits...I don't know much about that.  But I do like knowing that I started my day with something a little healthy - even if I do follow it up with some toast....with butter.

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