Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Christmas Pie

So after my dad's birthday pie my mother was finally convinced...She was confident I knew what I was doing and tasked me with making one of the desserts for our Christmas dinner.  (Yes, I realize how late this post is...sorry!)

She ordered an apple pie - and after some research I decided on my recipes.  I used the all butter pastry dough from Gourmet that I had used in my peach pie since I liked the flavor much better - and because shortening kind of grosses me out (clearly by now, if you read this blog with any regularity, you know I have no issues with butter.)

I will say that the dough with shortening is much easier to roll out and work with - but the extra aggravation of the all butter dough is totally worth it.  I came home on the 23rd for Christmas and made the dough that night.  I decided it would be easier to split the tasks up into two days so I planned to make the filling on Christmas Eve morning.

The next morning, my mom was kind enough to help me with the filling by cutting up the apples.  Rafe knows all too well that whenever I try and cut and peel apples I almost always cut myself, shriek, and curl up on the floor in the kitchen in the fetal position for 3-5 minutes.  My mom doesn't like to waste time so she agreed to just do it and save us all the melodrama.  She is also a neat freak and explained that peeling the apples over some paper towel would speed cleanup.  I hate to admit this- but she was right - cleanup was a breeze!

After a few epicurious searches I landed on the Spiced Apple Pie recipe for the filling.  My mom and her ever-ready spice rack had every one of them (even mace) which I found remarkable.

Can I just sidebar for a minute to appreciate how nice the pictures from my camera come out in the morning sunlight in my parent's kitchen? 

Moving on -- once mom cut the apples I mixed the apples with the sugar and spices.
I then rolled out my top crust and put it in the pie pan - and then filled it with the apple filling.

Then I pulled a Martha Stewart and did a decorative top crust.  I used a star cookie cutter to create the vent in the top of the pie....

And I cut all of the pie crust scraps out with the star cutter to make a decorative design on the top of the pie. 

It came out very good. I wasn't 100% convinced on the filling- though it got rave reviews from my family - and Rafe.  I thought it was a smidge too spicy, and I would probably cut back on the spices by about an 1/8th of a teaspoon.

I still think its the prettiet pie I've ever made!


  1. Wow, love the star cut outs! Major style points there! I have an awesome recipe for "apple slab pie" from America's Test Kitchen which I made two Christmases ago and it was out of the world :) Let me know if you ever want the recipe, it yields a TON but it is totally worth it!