Thursday, February 11, 2010

Biscuit with Bacon, Cheddar, and Chives

I felt I needed to post this recipe immediately - before everyone finalized plans for their valentine's day menus.  If you need bread, a side, want to make your honey brunch or what have you - stop what you're doing and make these biscuits!

I know what you're thinking...biscuits aren't chocolate, they don't scream romance, they're rustic and a little misshapen (at least mine are).  It doesn't matter.  They are delicious, tender, and filled with bacon, cheddar and chives.  Most of the men I know would go gaga for these.  Rafe actually called them 'tremendous'.

Last weekend Rafe made his usual pilgrimidge to the library, and I snuggled up with my bon-appetit for an hour or so.  I saw the picture of these biscuits in the magazine and knew I MUST add the ingredients to the grocery list. 

I've tried to make biscuits before - and I've always failed miserably.  Biscuits used to be my white-whale...but these were super easy to prepare.  Toss the dry ingredients in the food processor, add in your butter.  Add to a bowl with the chopped bacon, shredded cheese and chives - add buttermilk and bake.  Super simple!

I brought them to dinner at my parent's house - and they were gobbled up.  The combination of the salty pork, the creamy cheesy and the oniony chives are an obvious win-win-win.  I have one left that I'm saving for breakfast for my birthday tomorrow.

The recipe is featured on epicurious....BISCUITS Just a note - if you live near a whole foods pick up their black forest bacon - its outrageous.  The recipe calls for 6 strips of bacon - so ask the butcher for 8....Just in case you're anything like me and cannot resist crispy bacon.


  1. Ha! I dog-eared that recipe immediately when I got that issue of BA! It's so good to know that they are as delicious as they look! I'll definitely be making them soon.

  2. Anyone who thinks bacon and cheese neatly packaged into a biscuit doesn't scream romance is nuts! These look awesome..