Sunday, May 23, 2010

Accidentally Vegan Dinner

So, if you are a friend of mine you probably know that one of my pleasures is reading other people's blogs...If you are a close friend you know that one of my secret pleasures is reading vegetarian blogs.  *GASP*

Really, I'm not kidding.  Me, the girl who puts butter or bacon in anything I possibly can, the girl who LOVES rare cheeseburgers, and even some of the less politically correct meats, also likes to read vegetarian blogs....and I even cook vegetarian meals sometimes.  I do it mostly to counteract all the butter and animal fat I consume when I dine in restaurants and cook rich meals.  But also, I just really like my veggies.

At my office we're currently doing a 'Biggest Loser' style weight loss challenge.  I have a few events coming up, including a friends' wedding - and the beginning of bathing suit season that I would like to drop some winter weight for- so I thought this would be good motivation to lighten up my usual meals.  Rafe wants to stop eating meat quite as often as he does - so he's been totally on board.

On Saturday we made a delicious vegetarian dinner that actually turned out to be vegan!  That means it didn't contain any animal products at all!  (I do realize that I need to check the label on the tortillas, since those may have had lard - but its a really big deal that there was no cheese or sour cream on those tacos!)

 It all started with the beans....canned black beans to be precise.  I really do prefer to soak dried beans and cook them from scratch, but this dinner was the result of a very sudden inspiration that Rafe and I had while hiking....So we went with canned.  I cooked the beans with garlic, onions, chili powder, cumin, salt, and pepper.....and a little bit of red wine vinegar.

Rafe whipped up a really quick pico de gallo with red onion, tomato and well as some guacamole.

And I sauteed some onions and red pepper in a cast iron skillet.....

Here's a close-up of the assembled beans, peppers and onions, pico and guacamole all on a corn tortilla...YUM.
We rounded out the meal with brown Spanish rice and a salad....We were totally stuffed too - Rafe was pretty surprised since he is a pretty big fan of traditional 'meat' protein with his meals - but I think we found a creative way to cook dinner that doesn't include meat.

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