Sunday, May 9, 2010

Egglands Best & Happy Mother's Day

On Thursday I was invited to a blogger dinner at Stella hosted by Eggland's Best, and Kitchenbelle blogger Mary-Kate Paris.

As we entered the room we were greeted with name tags, and a table was decorated with Egglands best paraphernalia.  The theme of the dinner was 'breakfast for dinner' and the bar was serving mimosa's and bloody Mary's.  Though I'm usually a bloody Mary girl, my friends know I can't resist starting a dinner with champagne...!  As I sipped my mimosa and chatted with the other guest, waiters strolled through the crowd with deviled eggs to sample.

After we mingled for a little while, we took our seats and were given a quick intro by our hosts, Mary Beth, and some representatives from Eggland's best.  Then we all dug into the buffet!
Since the theme of the dinner was 'breakfast for dinner' each course incorporated eggs in some way.  We started with fruit salad (which thankfully had no eggs), and a delicious chopped salad with bacon, eggs, red onions, and blue cheese.
For our entrees we had a few dishes -
linguine carbonara -- this was so delicious and creamy!

A duck confit omelet with goat cheese, mushrooms and spinach - sooo rich and delicious:

Amazingly thick and rich French toast.

There was also steak and eggs, but I was totally full and knew I wanted to eat the chocolate torte and gelato!!  I was told however, that the steak and eggs were delicious!!

In addition to the great spread, we learned a lot about EB's product.  They've been the gold medal winner for taste for years when compared to other eggs.  As you know, I eat a lot of eggs, and I could definitely taste a difference in the flavor.  The difference was most discernible in the yolk.....It was delicious and super rich!  The company owes the rich yellow color and deep flavor to the marigolds in the chicken's feed. 
On our way out we were given swag bags filled with lots of Eggland's best, hard boiled eggs, and my personal favorite:
And an additional treat of baked good's from Mary Kate herself....Kitchen sink cookies and better-than-brownie-cookie-peanut-butter-sandwiches

This cookie was amazing.  It didn't last very long around me either - I did the ultimate indulgence...I had it for breakfast Saturday morning....after an EB hard boiled egg of course...chocolate and coffee?  Yum...

Thanks Egglands Best and Mary Kate!  It was a great meal, and I always enjoy the opportunity to hang out with all of my favorite bloggers!!

Also, Happy Mother's Day!!  I'll be back very soon with a post about the brunch I cooked for these special ladies.


  1. Sorry I didn't send you the pic of us in time for your post! I still haven't gotten around to doing my recap. I've been collecting links to everyone else's recaps, so yours will definitely be linked to when I do post. It was great to catch up with you!

  2. Just coming across your blog for the first time. I love this post, what a wonderful event! I am a fellow New Englander and really enjoy reading other Blogstonians! haha. Marigolds in the chicken feed? You learn something new everyday! Thanks! I'll be back :)

  3. The pic of your mom and g-ma is so cute! PS, this comment is to Corinne, I totally love the term "Blogstonians" so very fitting.

  4. Megan! No worries! I totally understand - and i'll be reposting your picture at some point anyway :) it was so cute!!!

    Corinne! Welcome - glad you found me, I'll be reading you too! Yes, marigolds in the chicken feed! They actually adjust their feed in a lot of ways to make the eggs more nutritious...wild huh?

    Thanks Katie!! I'll tell them you like the picture! When I took it my mom asked "is this going on the blog?"

  5. It was great to see you last week!

  6. Susan - Great to see you too! - It's been too long!!
    I looked through my pictures and realized I didn't get any of the people at the dinner - I really need to work on photographing people AND food at these events!!

  7. Hi Alicia!!! I work downstairs in Bubble and Carly sent me your blog! You will have come chat and we can talk all about cooking and the blog world
    : )

  8. Awww it looked like a fab dinner and event! See ya thursday :)