Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Rafe: Goat cheese fritters

Poor Rafe!  His birthday was on Friday, and Thursday was his last day of classes - which normally would be something to celebrate, but instead of attending class, his attention turned to studying for his law school finals.  Boo.

He spent his whole day studying.  Then studied in the evening too.  But I was determined to brighten up his birthday with a delicious dinner.  I still had half of a raw, frozen beef tenderloin roast from our New Year's eve feast, and he requested this for his entree - the rest of his request was pretty vague...potato, veggie, some salad....

When Rafe lived in Boston, we used to frequent Solas on Boylston St, inside the Lenox hotel.  They serve simple, delicious pub food like shepherds pie, burgers, and a really delicious french onion soup.  And they have great beer.  No matter what we order for our entree, Rafe and I would always split the Oak Leaf Salad....its a bed of red and green leaf lettuce, toasted pecans, red grapes, and the most delicious round of goat cheese that has been covered in breadcrumbs and fried.
I made these by slicing a small log of goat cheese into 6 rounds - (I used a knife, but find that dental floss is actually the easiest way to cleanly slice through the soft cheese).  I put the discs on a baking sheet lined with aluminum foil and put them in the freezer.  I let the harden up a bit in the freezer, then set up a standard breading station....flour, egg wash, and panko breadcrumbs seasoned with salt, and a little cayenne.

After the cheese had been breaded, I then fried them up for a few minutes in a cast iron skillet coated with a little butter.  The outside breading got golden-brown and crispy, and the heat from the pan defrosted the goat cheese so it was once again soft and creamy on the inside with none of the gooey goodness melting into the pan!

Instead of leaf lettuce and grapes, the goat cheese fritters were served on some mixed greens with toasted pecans and strawberries - and I made a simple vinaigrette with white balsamic and olive oil.

The tenderloin came out great again.  Instead of the brandy cream sauce, I made a red wine reduction....I'm not sharing the recipe, because the brandy cream sauce is the way to go...seriously, make it.
Ugh, blogger, why won't you flip this?  This is a picture of my plate...some of the meat, roasted potatoes and asparagus.....and the goat cheese fritters.  I think they managed to cheer Rafe up for a little bit....If they didn't do the trick, I'm guessing all the leftovers in his fridge will sustain him through the rest of finals!  Happy Birthday Rafe!


  1. i LOVE goat cheese fritters! I've been making them for a salad topping for a couple years now- and it always tastes restaurant quality- as baked cheese should. Happy Birthday Rafe!! :)

  2. This looks delicious!!!! I definitely need to make those goat cheese fritters soon!

  3. Fried goat cheese is one of the best things ever!! I have about a hundred recipes involving it that I've been planning on making. Or I might just make up a big batch and eat them all! This looks like an awesome birthday dinner :)

    See you tonight!


  4. I love goat cheese - but fried goat cheese has got to be one of the best things on the planet! This looks incredible!