Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Healthworks Blogger Bash

I feel pretty lucky that I get to go to such cool events with great bloggers, good food, and drinks.  All those events start to add up on my waistline though - so when Healthworks contacted me for their blogger bash that started with a spinning class?  Well, I just couldn't say no!

For a little background - Healthworks is a women-only gym in Boston.  It's a great concept - the gym is super clean and smells so nice.  There are also TONS of cardio machines as well as great classes.  I actually belonged to Healthworks when I first lived in Boston and LOVED it - but its pretty pricey and I found a gym (that doesn't smell nearly as nice or have as good classes) that is about 1/2 the cost through my job.  I miss you though HW - forgot how nice those locker rooms are!

Upon arriving we were treated to some healthy snacks... Pop Chips! I finally got to try the cheddar - and Chelsea suggested I grab the barbecue too....YUM.

And RIPE mocktails - I had the margarita.  It was good.  I'm pretty critical when it comes to mixers - usually they are WAY too sweet for me - these tasted a lot more natural - since they are made with real fruit.

I then proceeded to spill my drink in the spin classroom....classy!  Luckily neither of the ladies who saw me (Julie and Chelsea) posted a picture of my little mishap :).  We hung out in the back like rebels.

Neither Julie nor Chelsea had ever taken spin, and it had been a while since my last class so I wanted to stay out of view.  I forgot how challenging spin classes are!  But also how quickly the time flies by; it's a lot easier to get into the zone when someone is yelling instructions and you're listening to good music!

We then showered and got dolled up in the locker room for a night out on the town - look at all the pretty bloggers!
We then made our way to Alibi and The Liberty Hotel.  The Liberty Hotel was originally a prison, but has been converted into a hotel.  The bars in the hotel play on the history of the space - Alibi and Clink.  There are also prison bars on a lot of the windows.

This part of the night was sponsored by double cross vodka - and food was provided by Scampo.  We had flat breads, caprese salads, and tuna tartare.
Double Cross and Ripe teamed up to create three cocktails for the night, one raspberry flavored (which was a little too sweet for me), a Bloody Mary:

And my favorite drink of the evening: The Strawberry Collins

The pictures are totally blurry I know - but this deliciousness had strawberries and basil in it.  It was just a LITTLE sweet, but totally refreshing.  Tina from Carrots'n'Cake became even more of my hero by getting the recipe.

All in all a fabulous night was had by all.  I loved hanging out with two of my longtime favorites - and meeting/spending time with all of the other great Boston bloggers in attendance.

We also received ahhmazing gift bags from Siggi's yogurt filled with all sorts of goodies, like Mad Hectic Oatmeal, Pop Chips, City Sports T-shirts, a gift card for a massage at Healthworks, a haircut at Rock Paper Scissors salon.......and so much more!
In addition to all their generosity, Healthworks has a special deal for readers of The Clean Plate Club.  They are offering a 3 day membership for you guys! er, gals....since it is a ladies only gym :) Check it out!

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  1. We need to plan another play date to cash in on some of the AWESOME goodies in our grab bag! Yayyy healthworks :)