Friday, June 25, 2010

Vegetable Summer Rolls

Boston has finally been hit with summer weather.  The temperatures have been in the mid-80's and if my curly hair is any indicator of the dew-point, I'd say that humidity has also been fairly high.

Since my diet cannot support an Ice Cream Lunch every day, I decided that I needed to produce some warm-weather recipes that I can enjoy for lunch or dinner when the weather gets HOT.  Last year I showed you one of my favorites - Panzanella. I also like to use the grill when cooking in a hot kitchen is out of the question.  Burgers can get old after a while, so I like to mix things up and make the occasional Grilled Pizza

In the spirit of mixing things up, and since I don't have a grill in the city, I created these summer rolls.  They are loosely based on this recipe by Gourmet Magazine.

They combine some of my favorite flavors of east Asian cuisine (basil, mint, and cilantro), they are light and refreshing, and the only cooking involved is boiling water for rice noodles!  Most of the work to assemble the rolls is julienning veggies.  In my rolls I used carrots, cucumber, red pepper, lettuce, rice noodles, and basil, mint and cilantro.  
Summer rolls are very easy to prepare once you get the hang of working with the rice paper.  They just need to soak in warm water for 30 seconds or so, then you can stuff them with fillings and roll them up.  Think of them as mini-veggie-east-Asian burritos, since the rolling is very similar to rolling up a burrito.

I served them here with my favorite peanut sauce - but when I ran out of peanut sauce I ate the leftovers with some soy-vay teriyaki.  I bet a combo of soy and sesame oil would be delicious too!

What is your favorite food to eat when it's hot out?


  1. Those summer rolls look delicious! When it's hot out, I love cold pasta salads with fresh veggies, or a nice big salad with great cheese and crusty bread.

  2. These look DELICIOUS! I definitely want to try making them! I love salads when it gets hot out and grilled pizza-always one of my favorite things to make when it gets hot out!

  3. These look professional! I LOVE summer rolls and any reason for peanut sauce. And lots of big salads throughout the summer.