Thursday, July 1, 2010

Clover Food Labs

On a beautiful day in the financial district Michelle of Fun and Fearless in Beantown and I made the trek from work over to Dewey Square to check out the Clover Food Truck for lunch.  The Clover food truck has a mission to re-imagine fast food.  Their vision: local, made to order, organic when possible, incredibly affordable and quick food.

As Michelle and I made our way to the Dewey Square farmer's market we were greeted by a 'school of rock' style rock band.  These were kids, all preteen, rocking out on guitars, drums, and keyboards.  The played Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, and tons of other rock hits.  They were fantastic.

Um, this kid rules.  The sunglasses?

We were grateful for the entertainment because the food truck was bumpin.  Clearly a popular spot for lunchtime, especially on a beautiful summer day.

While we waited, we reviewed the menu.  It is posted on the side of the truck.  Clover also sells breakfast, and I think Michelle and I will have to make several more trips to sample their other lunch items as well as their breakfast offerings....I've heard VERY good things about their breakfast sandwiches.  As you can see, their prices are extremely reasonable. $5 for a pretty hearty sandwich.

Iced tea and brown sugar lemonade?  If that doesn't scream 'Arnold Palmer' I don't know what does.  Clover staff happily obliged my special order!

Michelle and I both ordered the same thing (but I'm eager to go back and try the 'Basil' too).  Soy BLT: Tempeh bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo on a whole wheat pita.

This was a great sandwich on a hot day.  The lettuce and tomato were cool and refreshing - and the texture and smokiness of the tempeh really did a great job at mimicking bacon.  I didn't miss the meat and I was completely satisfied.
Soy BLT...nom, nom, nom.

I think these look like two bloggers who are happy with their lunches don't you?  We HAVE to go back soon Michelle!
Rosemary fries and the basil sandwich have both piqued my interest!


  1. Soy BLT looks yummy! I've always wanted to try the Clover Food Truck but I unfortunately I work too far :p

  2. Such a great lunch - sniffles and all! We definitely have to go back soon!

  3. I wish I worked in the city so I could go too!! Looks awesome for a lunch truck! That band is too cute, so funny.