Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ingredient Spotlight: Tomatoes

After our lunch at the Clover Food Truck, Michelle and I browsed the Dewey Square Farmers market.  I was on the hunt for some local strawberries, but did not see anything.  Tip #1 when shopping a farmer's market keep an open mind. They might not have *exactly* what you're looking for, but you might be in for a surpirse!

Instead of a pint of bright red strawberries, I saw this gorgeous display of mini-heirloom tomatoes.  Equally sweet, and just as exciting as local berries.

I could tell they were fresh because there skin was smooth and unblemished.  I could tell they were ripe because they were bright and colorful, and they just smelled like a garden.

Many of the tomatoes still had their stems and leaves in tact.  They must have been picked that same morning.

Although I had plans for strawberries with balsamic, these tomatoes stood in just as well in a summer salad.  Sweet and juicy and dressed with aged balsamic they were a perfect stand-in for a refreshing summer dinner.

Have you ever had a surprise or unplanned purchase at a market?  What is your favorite way to use fresh summer tomatoes?


  1. I just bought some orange tomatoes and made the best bruschetta out of it! It was so yummy!!

  2. I am on a kick of eating fresh tomatoes almost every day. I slice them, maybe dice some cucumber, put a bit of olive oil and sherry vinegar, then crumble feta and some chopped basil from my Aero Garden. They lose a lot of juice between the morning and lunch time so I always get a nice, tangy tomato water slurp at the end. (I also use mozzarella sometimes but the vinegar hardens it a bit so I wouldn't totally shout it out from the hilltops.)

  3. Can I just say it again...I love your camera! It takes some great photos! I can't wait for our next lunch adventure to see what we can discover this time!

  4. I love that garden smell on tomatoes. I like to eat really fresh heirlooms with just a sprinkling of salt.

  5. Those tomatoes are so pretty! I love farmers market finds.