Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nothing Screams Summer......

Like Ice cream cones with one of your best friends!

J.P. Licks Strawberry Rhubarb for me
And Chocolate Chip for Kirsten

Perfect end to a lovely summer night!


  1. strawberry rhubarb!? get out of town... that sounds too good to be true. gotta get to jp licks asap

  2. Yum, yum, and yum! I've been eating ice cream at home using Stonewall Kitchen's dark chocolate sea salt caramel sauce. It is DANGEROUS!

  3. Ha! Just posted on J.P. Licks myself. I think July is there best month. Though, noodle kugel gives the other flavors a run for their money.

  4. Corinne - Yes! strawberry rhubarb!! Though when I went back this weekend they were out with new seasonal flavors....I went with the old standby - black raspberry with chocolate sprinkles! YUM

  5. Plum, cucumber ice cream sounds really interesting!!

    Michelle....dark chocolate sea salt caramel sauce? That needs to find its way into my kitchen immediately.