Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sugar Doll: All about me

I'm back!  Thank you for all of your kind messages and emails.  These things are never easy, but its so nice to know how much support is out there!  Thanks friends!

So, I'm pulled out of my slump because Anne at Your Kind of Salad nominated me for the Sugar Doll Blogger Questionnaire!

Thanks Anne for my first meme nomination!

Here’s the deal- share 10 random fun facts about yourself and pass it along to a blogger you admire and enjoy reading! 

Here goes - 10 random facts about me.

1) I am an only child.  That probably explains a lot.
2) I am Portuguese, but don't ask me if I speak it - I only know curse words and food.  And thank-you!
3) Tortilla chips are my kryptonite.  Especially the kind from a burrito joint like Boca Grande or Anna's...Salty, warm tortilla chips - I could eat them mindlessly until I explode.  Rafe usually has to put them on a high shelf so I can't reach them - otherwise I would go on forever.  If we make tacos, or guac?  I have to buy the smallest bag of chips, or make Rafe take them when he heads back to Hartford.
4) I'm really enjoying the company of the plush egg I received from the Eggland's Best dinner.  I enjoy photographing him (Eggy) in weird or compromising locations.  Here he is in a frying pan....

5) I didn't eat raw tomatoes until I was 20 and my mom fed me a garden tomato
6) I get completely grossed out when little kids have ice cream or frosting all over their faces.  I have literally gagged at J.P. Licks over this one.....call me insensitive, but then wipe your kids' face.
7) My best friend went to middle school with Rafe, and they dated briefly.  They were in the 7th grade, so only hand-holding and a couple pecks :)
8) When I met Rafe's father for the first time it was at a dinner at his house.  His sister was talking about some patients she saw during her internship for medical school.  Everyone started trying to one-up each other with gross injury stories - I'm pretty squeamish so I excused myself from the table so I could get some fresh air and I immediately fainted.
9) I had lasik eye surgery when I was 22 - I appear in the commercials for my doctor's office. (readers who live in Western Mass may have seen it)
10) Megan at Delicious Dishing once asked me what condiment I couldn't live without.  I said barbecue sauce without hesitation.

OK, now I get to tag someone to complete the meme!

I pick Katie from Once Upon a Small Boston Kitchen
and Elina from Healthy and Sane

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  1. Um, LOVE this! I too hate raw tomatoes (although I still do) and I I ADORE warm tortilla chips - although Border Cafe has my heart on that front :) And I laughed out loud at #8 - AWESOME!