Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Farmers Market Panini

I know its not *technically* fall yet, but the BF is back at school, so it feels like the summer has come to an end...That's bad for him, but good for you!! Because that means while he is at the library studying to be a lawyer, I will be in the kitchen cooking and posting a lot more often.

This Saturday was the first of many with homework.  So before Rafe settled in to start his reading, I coerced him into going to the local farmers' market with me - I would have gone by myself, but I had left my wallet in Boston (FAIL) - and I needed him to bring cash.

The market runs from 9a-1p, and we got there around 11:30 and learned something very important about this particular market....11:30 is way too late.  A lot of the vendors were nearly out of produce!
No worries though, we were still able to get a ton of stuff to fill our bellies.  

Heirloom tomatoes, fresh Kale, aged feta, bread, and golden raspberries.

A pretty good haul....We returned home, Rafe retreated to study, and I did some 'work' on the blog (still a work in progress).  Eventually the lunchtime hunger pains began, and I couldn't ignore my growling stomach. 
Time to make lunch, and make use of some of our ingredients....and simultaneously thank Rafe for funding my trip to the market (as if he needed thanking).

There was a chicken breast in the fridge, so I seasoned it up, and put it in a pan to sear on both sides, then I finished it in the oven so it would be perfectly cooked through.

I sliced the baguette in half.  It was pretty dense, so I took some of the filling out to make a well in either side.

There was delicious, fresh pesto in the fridge (made from homegrown basil- yum), so I slathered it on either side of the baguette, then topped it with the sliced chicken, and slices of the fresh heirloom tomatoes and sprinkled it all with feta.  I then placed the whole sandwich in a heated cast iron grill pan with a weighted lid....perfect panini press!

Look at those delicious melty layers!!

To add a little health to the plate, I jazzed up the salad from last night's pizzeria dinner by adding some heirloom tomatoes and the aged feta.

Oh man, I love those yellow tomatoes.  And the aged feta was so delicious.  Salty and crumbly, but also a little bit nutty and rich.

I think I earned my keep-- or at least my trip to the farmer's market, with this lunch.

The tomatoes and corn are waning, and we saw our first bushels of apples at the market....I'm thinking I need to replicate Emily's apple butter from last year......... 

What fall dishes are you looking forward to making?


  1. I'm looking forward to baking lots of pumpkin bread this fall! I also am hoping to go apple picking, which means lots of apple dishes!

  2. I'm looking forward to apple pie on a chilly Sunday afternoon.

    Your sandwich looks like it came from a shop! Yum yum!

  3. Nice job on the panini. Looks delish!

  4. Gorgeous sandwich! I can't wait to see what you do with the golden raspberries... unless you plan to be like a normal person and just eat them. :)

    I really want to check out Wilson Farms -- maybe an apple picking trip is in order?

  5. mmm....I love pumpkin bread. I was also thinking an apple picking trip! Let's pick a weekend!

    Also, as for the raspberries - they didn't stand a chance. We kept nibbling them out of the pint, and then we ate a bunch with breakfast the next morning!

  6. For me, Fall is about all things pumpkin. Its the only time I really bake - pumpkin cake and muffins and i love to do soups and salads with grilled pumpkin in 'em.