Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Leftover Chicken

Although I am a food blogger and love to cook I don't go home every night with the desire to mess up my kitchen and make a delicious batch of ricotta gnocchi...though, if YOU want to, I'd be more than happy to eat it...(I'll be over at 7 and I'll bring wine.)

Truth is, I prefer not to eat late at night, and after a full day at work and an attempt at a work-out I prefer to have something quick to reheat.  But I'm very particular about what I like to eat.  I'm not down with TV dinners, and I rarely do takeout unless the BF is visiting.

Monday night's dinner may not have been my prettiest, but damn it if it wasn't tasty and filling.  Remember those chickens I made this weekend?  Well, my leftovers have been coming in handy, and Monday's dinner was no exception.

When I roasted the chickens, I also I baked a sweet potato.  Hey, if I'm gonna turn the oven on, I might as well take full advantage!

Monday after yoga and a shower, I put half of the sweet potato in a bowl, mashed it....added a little salt and pepper.  Then I topped it with some shredded white meat, and a little barbeque sauce....a quick zap in the microwave.  Then I quickly sauteed some kale and topped it off.

It was delicious, filling, and relatively healthy.  I had the same thing for lunch the next day....Hmm, I still have a ton of meat - how long until I get sick of chicken?

What's your favorite quick dinner?  I'm a huge fan of leftovers, or eggs!


  1. My favorite quick dinner is a stirfry. I always have loads of frozen veggies and proteins in the freezer for just this reason!

  2. This really looks delicious. My favorite quickie is a shrimp omelet or a Thai salad. I found my way here via the Foodbuzz Project Food Buzz Competition. I've been browsing through your blog and love the food and recipes you feature here. I'll be back to see your entry for the next leg of the competition. I hope you are having a great day. Good luck and blessings...Mary