Tuesday, October 5, 2010

King Arthur Flour - Part 3

After our pizza, we made whole grain crackerbread.  Bridget is shown below, posing with her creation.

This was a fun recipe because although we were following the steps for a basic cracker (containing a mix of whole wheat and rye flours), we were all able to customize the seasonings and seeds to make our own unique flavor.

I added the King Arthur seed mix (with flax, toasted sesame, black caraway, midget sunflower, poppy, & anise seeds) and added extra sesame seeds, herbs de provence and salt.  These were delicious and crisssspy.

Next, we got to work with this.  Originally when I saw the ingredients all tucked into a corner, I had thought that this was a big block of cheese.  It's not.  It's butter.

This is what happens when you give food bloggers a HUGE block of butter....
smiles all around.

Megan and I teamed up on the crackerbread, and the next recipe -whole grain brownies.
That is why I have so few pictures....I was having wayyyy too much fun!

yummy brownie batter....

Although these brownies were made with whole wheat flour they were incredibly rich and chocolate-y.  Susan suggested we wait a day to eat them so the bran in the wheat flour would soften up.  When I got home on Sunday I cut the brownies and had a little bite.  

I put them in the freezer along with the pizza.  When I got home from Vegas, I ate one, and then had another the next day.  Then I shared some with Rafe, his brother and sister in-law, and brought the rest to work.

They're really incredible, and you could never tell that they were made with whole grain flour!


  1. I am definitely going to bake during this long weekend! I'm thinking bread bowls...

  2. I love that picture of you! We had SOOO much fun!

  3. You are too cute! I want brownies now...

  4. MMM...I love baking bread, now that I know what I'm doing its so much fun!

    That picture is one of my faves - thanks so much for forwarding it Megan!! Best day of my life so far....

    I wish I hadn't shared my brownies. Today would be a perfect day for a brownie and a warm cup of cocoa!

  5. I love the photo of you - that's what I always look like when I make brownies! :-)