Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blogger Potluck Sunday

Do you ever read blogs and wonder if the food in the pictures taste as good as they look?  I always do. And although I've hung out and dined with Megan, Michelle, Daisy and Meghan before - I've never actually tasted their cooking!  It merely tempts me everyday when I peek in my Google Reader. 

Last Sunday I DID get to taste the food (and cook for my friends too) when I got together with some of my favorite blogging friends for a potluck extravaganza!  

Megan generously offered to host at the condo she shares with her fiance Jeff.  So on Sunday I picked up Michelle and Daisy, and we met Meghan across the river at Megan's condo.
Her home was decorated with festive fall colors.

We brought lots of champagne and wine - to celebrate an engagement (or two), as well as some news I will share later.....along with some of my recipes from this day.

I popped the bubbly (I love doing it) and we started with our champagne.                              

And our snacks.....

 Megan's alevropita......aka, feta tart

A trio of dips :

Walnut and Mushroom Vegetarian Pate


And Meghan's white bean dip with white truffle oil

After we dipped and tippled we moved on to some more dishes:

Michelle's cold curry peanut noodles 

Daisy plated her creamy parsnip soup so beautifully with crispy fried leeks.

Megan's tortilla de Patas
 Look at how beautifully caramelized the tortilla is.

Michelle fried and steamed Mama Chang's dumplings

Daisy's warm Brussels sprout salad......this was outstanding....and became my lunch the next day with some peanut noodles and a dumpling.

My Cajun shrimp and creamy grits.....

My plate full of deliciousness (picture this dish x4).....

After we chilled out on the couch a bit it was time for dessert 

With pumpkin ice cream.....

Gingerbread croutons......
 And (swoon) caramel sauce........

If this looks like heaven in a little glass dish, its because it was.

Gunner enjoyed all the attention we had for him!  Though, I think we may have tired him out a bit.

We spent a wonderful Sunday afternoon sharing food, bubbly, and stories.  And yes, I can honestly say that Meghan, Daisy, Megan, and Michelle's food does taste as good as it looks!  I left with so many leftovers that I have lunches for a couple days!

It's so amazing to think that I may have never met these great women without the Internet and our shared love of food to introduce us....and the sharing of meals, stories and lives to strengthen the bond.  They are strong, smart, and incredibly hilarious.  I can't believe how long we spent eating and giggling.

This was a truly great day.


  1. You said it best. It's amazing what brought us together, and I'm so happy we all met and have become such great friends. This really was an amazing day. I enjoyed trying everyone's food... and I agree it all tastes as good as it looks! Thanks so much for coming!! I'm already thinking about more potlucks in the future!

  2. I want to eat everything! Especially that pate. I've never had vegetarian pate.

    Looks like a fab day!

  3. Looks like a wonderful gathering! Your grits and shrimp are definitely making my mouth water -- will you be posting the recipe?! :)

  4. beautifully stated! I feel the same. :)

  5. Sounds so fun. I hosted a potluck dinner last year at my old apartment building and it was so fun - so many great cooks in one place :)
    PS - who had the second engagement? You? I want details!!! ;)

  6. I'm so glad that we've all become such great friends through this crazy blogging world. Sunday was wonderful and I'm looking forward to our boozy evening out next month!

  7. Alicia! Your pictures are amazing! Looks like you guys had so much fun. I love potlucks, especially when it's when good food blogger friends!

  8. Seriously, that pate was amazing. I can not wait to make it! Have the happiest of Thanksgivings! :)

  9. Wow, the food looks great and those shots are awesome. I know you want to go to Riviera Maya on a field trip, but also try the potato and Italian bacon pizza at Tappo in Stamford...reminded me of the tortilla de patas.

  10. What a great idea! Everything looks so tasty that I wouldn't know where to start - yum :)