Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Blogger Q&A

Anne from Your Kind of Salad tagged me for a Blogger Wednesday Q&A!
Here are my answers...

1. What’s the worst job you ever had?
My worst job ever was as a camp counselor for my town's summer camp.  I'm not exactly a natural with children (except for my nephews/godson) and I was the ART counselor.  That meant keeping the youngins cooped up indoors drawing on gorgeous summer days. We ran out of sidewalk chalk in two days, and  I didn't even get a tan.

2. What was the first food blog you ever read?
The Vegan Lunch Box - though I'm not vegan myself, it was a great blog for photography, creativity, and having a really specific topic.

3. You’re cooking for the dreamy Tom Colicchio, what do you make him? 
Well, I generally make comfort foods for the fellas, but considering that one of my friends told me that Tom's macaroni and cheese changed her life, I wouldn't want to compete.  I'd probably make him something Portuguese, like fular - bread stuffed with linguica.  Butter the top and put it under the broiler to brown - Tom wouldn't know what hit him.

4. Ice Cream: Chocolate or Vanilla?
Vanilla - with crushed oreos please! 

5.  Exercise: Love it? or Do it for Health only? 
I used to exercise primarily for health, keeping fit, etc - but I would always fall off the wagon and skip the gym for several weeks at a time. Lately I've been keeping a pretty consistent yoga practice and although I'm noticing some fitness - I think its more of a mental health thing.  I feel ready to take on the day after my yoga!

Instead of tagging people - I want you to answer a question for me in the comments section....

If you were stranded on an island and could only bring 3 foods, what would they be?  I'd bring bread, cheese, and red wine.


  1. That's a tough question! I would bring frosting, pasta, and cheese.

  2. Fun! I might copy this for Friday :) I would bring tortilla chips, salsa, and wine. I could eat tortilla chips and good salsa 5 times a day!

  3. Fun Q&A.

    I always liked the thought of being stranded like kiera knightly and johnny depp in pirates of the carribean with a bottle of rum around a bonfire. nothing says island like rum. give me some french fries and cheese with it. mmm i could eat french fries for days

  4. These kind of scenarios are the worst. I easily eat ten different things just in one meal alone, but I'm challenging myself to come up with an answer. Also, my answer would totally be different a few hours from now. But right now I'm in healthy mode, so: kale, chickpea stew, and fresh baked cookies. And now you probably think I'm a huuge weirdo.

  5. It's always great to know you more! I'd bring kimchi, really good fresh bread, and pumpkin pie.

  6. Holy cow that's a hard one. I'm assuming it is a tropical island, so I will eventually find some lemon or limes. Now keeping that cheating in mind, I'd bring Chocolate, cheese, and onions.

  7. In all honesty - I'd bring the same 3 things you would! I could easily live off bread, cheese and wine forever.