Monday, December 13, 2010

Chicken, caramelized onion and kale pizza

What do I do when I have too many leftovers than I know what to do with?
I put them all on a pizza.

Before the big move I tried to throw a lot of meals together based on what was already sitting in my fridge.  Doesn't make sense to do much grocery shopping when your freezer and pantry and stuffed to the brim and you'll be moving to another state!

Making the pizza dough was fairly easy - I just used some of my leftover sourdough starter. I followed a few different recipes loosely and just added flour until the texture felt right.  The result was thin, crispy with just a little chew.  I'm going to keep working on it until I can give more specifics.

I'm still a big fan of using store bought dough when you're in a hurry.
The best part of any pizza is the toppings anyway!

I started by using up my stored onions.  I ALWAYS have onions.  So I sliced two up and carmelized them for topping the pie.

Here they are being evenly distributed on the pizza dough.

I lightly steamed some kale in the microwave -- just a little water in the bowl, add some shredded kale and nuke for a minute or two.  Just until its bright green - it will cook more in the oven.

I topped the pie with the kale and \ some chicken that I had cooked in the crockpot with barbecue sauce a while back.  It wasn't great on its own, so I put it into the freezer hoping to transform it somehow.  It really went well with the pizza where it wasn't the star, but a great contribution to the flavor.

All topped off with some shredded cheddar and gruyere.

And ready to bake!

Out of the oven, the cheese was brown, and the crust was thin and crisp with just a little bit of chew.

The flavors of the onion, chicken, cheese and kale really complimented one another.  The dough remained pretty crispy despite the weight and moisture of all the toppings.

I'd say this was a pretty successful 'clean out the freezer' meal.

What do you make when its time to clean out your cupboards or freezer?


  1. Cheddar and Gruyere... and caramelized onions? Yum! Someday you can help motivate and show me how to make a sourdough starter. I need to bake more breads... and sourdough pizza dough sounds so good!

    Miss you!!

  2. This looks delicious. Hope the move went well!

  3. This pizza looks great! I am amazed that you still had time to take photos and blog about your literal clean out the fridge/pantry/freezer meals! I'm a big fan of making soups or stir-fries to use up leftover ingredients!

  4. cheese pies. I take everything, cook it, mix it,add some cheese, then crack a ton of eggs and beat them with some sour cream or creme fraiche and fold the eggs into the mix to evenly distribute. Then, I pour the lot into a frozen pie crust or a plain baking dish and bake. As long as I don't go too crazy, they taste really good.

  5. this is such a delicious looking clean out the freezer meal. I am sure the little freezer misses you and your foods.

  6. Awesome looking pizza, plus this might inspire me to cook with kale a little more often.

  7. ooh yes, definitely successful! looks great :)

  8. that looks great. love caramelized onions on so many things, including pizza.