Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Out with the Old

So, I'm finally starting to get settled in my new place and job...the last of my furniture gets moved on Friday.  I took these pictures of my Boston kitchen before I packed up everything.  Just for a little perspective: I was sitting on my bed when I took this photo.  

No wonder I think about food all the time.  I sleep in my kitchen.

For those of you in the burbs this is actually a GREAT studio living situation....though it is NOT good for someone who is trying to avoid snacking in her bed.  I've definitely been guilty many, many times of that one.

So another thing you 'ought to know about my old kitchen....That oven in the photo above?  It doesn't work.  It's a total foil.  There are no coils in the electric oven.  They were removed, making the oven useless for anything other than storage.  

All the apartments in my building were equipped the same way. With a HUGE microwave and no oven.  Unfortunately, my management company failed to tell me that before I signed the lease.  So when I threatened to vacate, and get my deposit back (after a very sad attempt at a baked potato) they bought me that Delonghi convection oven pictured below.  

It's a little bigger than a toaster oven, but I could make a 12 inch pizza in it.  It was fine for cooking for 1 or 2.  But I was not about to host any dinner parties cooking with that thing.  Now, in my new CT digs, I have the option using it as a 2nd oven!  

Right now I'm living at Rafe's mom's house....Couldn't turn down the great rent ($0/month utilities included).  His mom spends a lot of time at her friend Hank's house, so she generally only passes through to pack a bag or leave some delight in the refrigerator.  

There was turkey gumbo in the fridge the day I moved in.

And her kitchen....ahhh, the glory of a REAL oven and lots of counter space.

The previous owner designed the kitchen.  For those readers familiar with the restaurants of CT, I was told he was a chef at one of the 'Max' restaurants.  I have a feeling it might have been one of the Italian restaurants since this butcher block counter would be great to roll pasta.

Lee (Rafe's mom) is a fantastic cook, and her kitchen has all the tools a home cook like me could ask for....lots of pots and pans.  Cast iron, a wok, Wusthof knives and the coveted Le Creuset dutch oven....(yes, I've already used it).  She also has all the typical ingredients that you would need in a well stocked pantry: flour, sugar, spices....and some not so gumbo file, farro, and white balsamic vinegar.

Slowly but surely, It's starting to feel like home.

When was the last time you moved?  What helps you to feel 'settled' in a new place?


  1. I'm so jealous of your new kitchen to play in! Perhaps a CT potluck is in order? BTW, I've been to your place several times but never noticed that we have the SAME storage unit that my mom got for our huge kitchen...with no storage space. :-)

  2. Amazing new kitchen! The luxury of counter space is not one to take for granted! I hope you have a fabulous time maximizing their potential!

  3. Wow! What a big difference. You lucked out with the new digs. Rafe's mom sounds wonderful. Can't wait to see what you whip up in your new kitchen.
    I moved 3 months ago. I generally feel settled when everything is put away. It doesn't take much to make me happy.

  4. I love seeing the old and new kitchens. Your back bay one was so tiny and cute!! I can't believe how incredible Rafe's mom's kitchen is though. You must be having a field day.

    PS $0/month utilities included - you can not beat that!!

  5. I love those butcher block counters. Hope all is going well! After moving every year or so, I bought a condo last fall and am loving the feeling of being settled. The first thing I did was make my bed and unpack a few plates, glasses and silverware-- that helped it feel like home, despite the 50,000 unpacked boxes.

  6. Look at all your space! I'm wicked jealous! Hope you are settling into life in CT! I'll be back in WMass this Sunday - Sunday...will you be banging around Ludlow? Would love to meet up and hear all about how things are going! Boston misses you!

  7. I can't wait to see what comes out of your new kitchen! I'm sure you'll be baking up a storm with double ovens. My dream kitchen will have double ovens. And if you find yourself dragging a sleeping bag in the kitchen, we'll know you got a little too used to sleeping in the kitchen. :)

  8. Glad you are settling in CT! Lee's kitchen looks so inviting :)

  9. Looks like a great kitchen to get some serious cooking done. Can't wait to see what you start making!

  10. Glad it's going well so far. That kitchen is definitely an upgrade!!
    PS - did you take any pictures of those lola cookies btw? I need a visual!! (I suppose I could stop by the Flour bakery, haha, but that's just asking for it ;) )

  11. We moved this past august and it's definitely exhausting! Glad it sounds like things are off to a good start!