Saturday, January 22, 2011

Monday Funday

Has it really been a month since I left Boston for Connecticut suburbia?  When I drove to the city on Monday, it felt strange.  The city where I lived for 6+ years was no longer mine. 
 As I drove down I-90 watching the Prudential center get bigger and bigger on my approach, I got a little sad...

Then someone immediately cut me off as I was getting off my exit.  *SNAP* Back to reality.

Monday was a holiday - and since there was an event in Boston in the evening - and a few of my friends had the day off, we decided to grab lunch and have a 'funday' together.  We started at Sel De La Terre.

On this particularly cold and biting day, I was relieved when I was greeted by the hostess, she took my coat, and directed me to the bar where I would wait for my friends.  I browsed the drink menu and decided on a cocktail with some seasonal flavors.  I don't recall the exact name, but it had apple cider, allspice liquor, and bitters.  It was yummy and warming.

Very soon after I took my first sips, Michelle arrived at the restaurant and we were seated at a lovely corner table with plenty of sunlight (great for bloggers toting cameras!)  Soon after we were seated Daisy and Megan joined us.  Meghan was coming too, but was meeting us after lunch.

I immediately dug into the bread basket...I was starving, it was only 12:30 and that cocktail was making me a little dizzy. It was good and strong!

I checked into Sel De La Terre on Foursquare and was told that the restaurant had a deal - a free order of rosemary fries for a checkin.  I told our waitress and she immediately returned with these beauties...I almost dug in before we got a photo!  Bad blogger!  They were crispy and well seasoned - and I kept going back for more.  I love good french fries.

For my lunch, I ordered a portobello mushroom sandwich.  Although you know I'm a huuuge fan of meat, I do occasionally order a meatless dish at a restaurant.  Particularly when it involves goat cheese and tomato hummus.  The mushrooms inside were very well marinated, and it was served on a really nice toasted wheat bread.  It came with some chips....they were a little boring.  From their appearance my brain thought barbecue, but the flavor wasn't there.  I went back for more of those fries instead.

I couldn't help but take a picture of Michelle's SDLT burger (Daisy ordered the same).  It looked perfectly cooked, and gorgeous atop the brioche bun.  Megan ordered the mac and cheese and I had a bite - it was really good and I loved the crunchy crumb top!

Michelle had to leave us to go back to work before dessert - but we would meet up with her again later in the day.  Daisy, Megan and I perused the dessert menu.  Sel De La Terre had so many great options, we couldn't decide!  Then we saw the dessert tasting for 2: A sampling of all the desserts in 'miniature'.

I thought the plating was gorgeous.  And little teeny desserts are just so .... CUTE!

Flourless chocolate cake with a berry sorbet.

On the left is the maple goat cheese mousse - this was one of my favorites.

This was a teeny tiny tarlett.  this tasted just OK, but I loved the light on those mint leaves....

Apple bread pudding with cider gastrique and vanilla ice cream

I loved this orange vanilla creme brulee, it was a great update on a classic.

This almond chocolate mousse layer cake was tasty and moist - and I loved the added texture of the toasted coconut on top.

I love panna cotta and I find it to be somewhat polarizing when I dine with others - either you love it or you hate it.  I LOVED this chai tea panna cotta - I think it may have been my favorite of the tray.  The flavor was bright, the texture was perfect and creamy, and I loved the addition of the sesame brittle.

After lunch the rest of our day involved strolling around the long wharf area and some cocktails at RumBa in the Intercontinental hotel.

The bar was empty and the fireplace was beckoning us to seek refuge from the frigid temps outside.

I was a little disappointed that there were no seasonal cocktails.  After my cidery drink at Sel De La Terre I could have used a little pumpkin.....but the champagne mojito piqued my interest.

It was tropical and delicious - and nearly impossible to drink from a champagne flute with that lime slice.....I removed the lime and sipped my treat.

After a good time spend sipping cocktails, chatting and tweeting, we decided we should start moving closer to the South End near our evening festivities.  Our amused cab driver who smelled heavily of baby powder dropped us off on Washington street and we meandered into Union Bar and Grill.  It was 5 minutes before opening - but Justin, who tweets for Union, ushered us in out of the cold.

A different Justin (the bartender) mixed us some delicious cocktails.  I had the Aloe: vodka, aloe and white grape juice. It was light and refreshing.  I had only experienced aloe when I've had a sunburn, but the aloe in this drink definitely helped minimize the burn of the healthy dose of vodka.

Soon, Michelle rejoined the group and we had an impromptu photo-shoot in the bar.  I love this picture of all of us!  We finished our drinks, settled our tab, and headed down the street....  

To the Gallows for the launch party of the Boston Food Bloggers website!  Rachel Blumenthal is the brains behind the website which indexes all of the food bloggers in the Boston area.  She and Christine Liu planned this amazing event.

I don't have many pictures here, because I spent most of my time catching up with old friends like Justin & his wife Leah, Lara, Katie, Fiona, Elizabeth....

As well as meeting some new folks like Summer and her husband Ray, Kara, Kelley and Lizzy.

I drank lots and lots of water (to counteract the days adult cocktails), and enjoyed a burger, some bacon caramel popcorn, and deeeelicious poutine.  The food at the Gallows was great, and I'd love to try it next time I'm in town.

And then it was time to drive back to CT!  Until next time Boston!!!

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  1. So happy you came up for Monday Funday! Had a fabulous time catching up with you. That chai tea panna cotta really was tasty. And thanks for being our foursquare hookup with those fries!

  2. That looks like it was a very fun day! I'm glad you enjoyed your day back in the city.

  3. SO much fun! I love that group photo shot of us!

  4. you got some stellar photos of the dessert platter. such a perfect day, baby powder cab drivers and all.

  5. Yeah gettin' the band back together! Your photos are gorgeous!

  6. I think I take better pictures after a few adult drinks!