Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Killer Meatloaf!

It's a tough life being a food blogger.  Well, actually - there are a lot of great things about it!  But trying to come up with a new and creative meal night after night can start to wear.  I sometimes feel guilty when I just want to make chili or peanut noodles again.

I'm deep in my comfort food zone, and by measure of the snow piles, I'll probably stay in this zone until sometime mid-April.  So when I was menu planning this week, and saw the 1.25 pound baggie of local beef in my freezer, I immediately thought meatloaf.

In my family, we call it KILLER meatloaf.

Traditionally meatloaf has a couple eggs in the mix to bind it.  My father is allergic to eggs.  He can have one if its mixed into something like a cake batter and dispersed, but if I fed him flan or a scramble, he'd be VERY sick.  Many recipes call for a couple eggs, so the first time my mom made a recipe with multiple eggs it made him pretty sick, so we nicknamed it killer meatloaf.

She learned quickly to omit the eggs.

This go round, I made mini meatloaves, because they looked so cute when Michelle made her's mini

Like many of the recipes that are inspired by Mom, this one it made from memory and feel, and not real specifics when it comes to amounts. I can tell you that this meatloaf includes about a half an onion, 1 clove garlic, soy sauce, pepper, worcestershire, parsley and ketchup.

This is when a frying pan is my friend.

Once the mixture is combined, I heat a frying pan over a medium flame, add a drop of oil, and make an itty bitty meat patty....I just scoop out a scant teaspoon, form it into a mini burger, and drop it in the pan.  Once it is cooked through, I let it cool and eat it. 

I taste it for seasoning: salt, pepper, garlic, onion. Does it need more of something?  Once I am satisfied, I shape it into a loaf and bake it.

Served with Rafe's garlic mashed, these little meatloaves were divine....In homage to the traditional ketchup topping that mom's meatloaf has, I basted mine with my beloved Flour tomato chutney (Joanne sent me the coveted recipe).  It was delicious.

The play of the raisins, currants, and sweet/savory tomato were the perfect compliment to the hearty beef. And those tater's were pillowy soft. YUM.

Does your family have any funny stories about a meal?


  1. Aren't mini meatloaves the best? I've been on a real mini kick lately!

  2. Ohh, I bet the chutney is amazing on these. I've never been much of a meatloaf person (maybe if my mom employed your taste-test trick, we would have had some better meatloaf growing up!) But the chutney would totally do it for me.

  3. I love that you make these by taste / feel / memory. they look so cute and tasty. Rafe's mashed potatoes also look damn good!

  4. I make meatloaf by taste and feel too. It's one of those things that I know I don't make the same way every time, but I always love the results. Love the mini loaves and look at you with your fancy chutney!

  5. MMmm Meatloaf is fantastic and yours look delicious! When I was little-I used to call asparagus "spigus" -we still call it that in my family :-)

  6. yum! this looks so good! def going to try out this recipe, love that it has no eggs.

  7. meatloaf and mashed potatoes. one of my favorites. I also like meatloaf sandwiches with mashed potatoes!

    my mom used to put whole hard boiled eggs into meatloaf when I was little. so when you cut into it, you see the cross cut of the egg!

  8. Cooking a small amount and tasting it is a great trick. I'm jealous of your secret chutney recipe.

  9. I was totally laying in bed last night thinking about meatloaf and how I have not made it once this winter! Love this post!

  10. I love the name. My grandma made a dip I thought looked like something unpleasant and yet we continue to be served "Puke Dip" to this day (cottage cheese, horseradish, chili sauce).

  11. My big meatloaf trick is adding liver. Yup. I process it until it's liquid-y and add to the meat. Fabulously healthy, cheap, and this is the only way I can stand eating it :-)

  12. The minis are so cute and I love your technique to cook up a bit and taste it and then decide what else it needs!