Sunday, March 20, 2011

Our New Place!!

After moving twice within 4 months, you would think I would be a master of transition and be able to just settle my things into a new place and keep going like before....

Well, clearly that is not the case, since I have been so pre-occupied with unpacking, decorating, and making multiple trips to Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, and TJMaxx that I haven't posted in a whole week! The shame!

So, if you're still reading I thought I would appeal to your voyeuristic side, and give you a little peak into the two rooms of Rafe and my new apartment that are the closest to unpacked and lived-in.

Living room... 
I love the details of this older home - all of the moldings and the mantle on our WORKING fireplace!  Also, we get a lot of sunlight - which is quite a change from my Boston studio apartment.

And my personal favorite: the pantry.
Now I finally have a home for all of my cooking magazines, cookbooks and cookware!

And a step ladder because I'm short and I need it to reach high shelves :)

We keep our dishes in the glass cabinets. The cookbooks are below, and wine and liquor to the right.....and a random butternut squash?? I am reminded that I need to cook that...

This is also where I store appliances that I don't want taking up valuable counter space, like my beloved food processor and my panini press/waffle iron/griddle.

Clearly we're still getting settled so until we get a good handle on what we need in the kitchen 'at-hand' and what we can store in the pantry things may change....but I'm just so excited to have a big space that is all our own.

Do you have a favorite room or space in your house or apartment?


  1. I love our kitchen! And I love your new place, thanks for the tour the other day!

  2. I love glass cabinets. I think they add such an elegant yet homey touch.

  3. I am jealous of ALL YOUR SPACE. that living room and pantry are like a dream.

  4. I love the iChat tour we got the other day! Your new place looks get that guest bedroom ready for me! :-)

  5. My favorite room in my place is my bedroom. Sleep happens there.

    Your new kitchen is huge! I love the glass cabinets.

  6. It looks fabulous!! Lots of space and I LOVE all the light and the cabinets :) Congrats to you and Rafe!!


  7. I wish we could find a house as gorgeous as this one!

    Congrats on the new apt!!

  8. You have such a cute apartment! I LOVE my kitchen :) of course! But I'm moving in a couple of weeks, so I'll have to adjust to a new kitchen... with roommates! haha

  9. Very, very nice. Great lighting! and you know I'm jealous of your neighborhood :)

  10. I (will eventually) love my new kitchen but for now, my small one works. Your place is so nice! That wall over the mantle screams for a large flat screen TV! :-P

  11. Alicia - it's gorgeous. Congrats!! I love all the details and all that natural light. Awesome!!