Friday, April 8, 2011

Tortellini Soup Part 2- Pasta

Welcome to the second part of my Tortellini Soup Adventure!

This was the part of the recipe that I was really excited for. I had never made pasta before but had always  had the itch. I think that is why my mother bought me a pasta roller way back in 2006.  Really. She had hung on to it while I had lived in too-tiny-for-another-cooking-supply apartment, and is so organized that she taped the dated invoice to the box. 

I finally have it back in my possession, and I assure you after this experience, I WILL be getting lots of use out of it. It's so fun!

I started with a big pile of flour, and four eggs.

I made a big well in the flour

Then scrambled up the eggs before pouring into the flour....

Where my eggs immediately broke free from their little hole onto the counter....
No problem though after a brief shriek of horror, I collected myself, grabbed my bench scraped, and wrangled the eggs back into the flour and continued as planned.

Once combined into a cohesive dough, I kneaded for a few minutes until the mixture became elastic, then wrapped it up in plastic wrap and let it rest for a half hour.

Once it rested for a little bit it was really smooth - I was surprised that a little rest could have that affect.

Next Step? Break off a small piece and get rollin!

I passed the dough through the pasta maker a few times on the widest setting, folding the dough in half each time. After a few passes at this setting I reduced the width and passed the dough through a few times again without the fold. I continued passing the dough through each thickness.

I cut the sheets of dough into squares and covered it with plastic wrap to keep it moist while I shaped the dough.

I used the filling outlined in the Fine Cooking recipe, and added a 1/8th teaspoon amount to the dough square.

I folded the square in half - corner to corner, and used my fingers to seal the dough shut.

Then I wrapped the end corners and pinched them together to form the tortellini.

I repeated these steps approximately 200 times.....

I filled 3 sheet pans.....

Some of the tortellini made their way into the freezer, where they will continue to be enjoyed.

While some were boiled along with the chicken broth I had made the day before. Topped with some parmesan and parsley, this was the perfect antidote to a cold and rainy spring day.

It was a ton of work, and I will DEFINITELY be making stuffed (and regular) pastas again. The filling however, was not my I look forward to experimenting with different, seasonal fillings.

I'm thinking mushrooms, peas and ricotta, and asparagus as options for Spring! 

Have you ever made pasta? Was it fun? 


  1. Your tortellini look BEAUTIFUL! I think we need to have a pasta-making party!

  2. Homemade pasta of any kind is impressive. Homemade tortellini especially. Looks wonderful.

  3. I have made pasta at a friends house who had a pasta maker! so only once. your tortellini looks so cute! I am so impressed!!

  4. I used to make pasta w/my Nanna. It was so much fun. Yours looks great!

  5. My pasta never comes out anything like that. Beautiful!

  6. Approximately 200 times... wow! You did an amazing job on these, and it must be so nice knowing there are more in the freezer. I definitely have to try making tortellini soon.

    I second Michelle's pasta-making party suggestion! We can do all different shapes and different sauces... and then eat it all... it will be soo much fun!

  7. Gorgeous. I can relate to then doing this 200 times. Over the holidays my family and I made tortellini and it took forever!

  8. Wow that's impressive!!! I'm amazed! It would take me forever to do that and I'm pretty sure I'd mess up at least one or two of the steps ;) Looks great!

  9. They look perfect, I'm so impressed!! I just got the KA pasta attachment and plan to use it soon :)

  10. Wow, those really look amazing. We made butternut squash ravioli once for a family dinner and they tasted amazing. Only problem? :) The butternut squash was hard to blend, so we used our spatula to mix it around to cut up easier. Well, the blade caught the spatula and little yellow flecks of the plastic got caught up in the mix. I think we got it all out. ;) They tasted great, though, and I didn't feel any plastic.