Thursday, May 5, 2011

Black Bean Burgers

 I have finally figured out how to cook with this fur ball under foot!  

The key is to play tag with him and chase him around the apartment until he is totally wiped out and takes a nap. Then I buy myself a couple hours of kitchen time!

Like some of my best recipes, this was born out of some leftover black beans and cilantro from a Mexican meal. Again, trying to incorporate meatless meals into our diet, I settled on black bean burgers.

In a food processor I combined:

1 can of drained black beans
1/4 cup of salsa
1 small onion
2 cloves garlic
a generous handful of cilantro (or parsley)
a few shakes of chili powder
some cumin

I pulsed until the onion was chopped and the mixture is roughly combined

I then transferred the mixture to a bowl and added some of the quick oats (yes I'm still trying to get rid of them!) until it formed a cohesive mixture. Then I put it in the fridge to get the mixture to firm up enough to form into patties.  

Then came the question of buns. I didn't want to go back to the store and buy burger buns just for this recipe. I had just stocked up on flour and decided I should just make them myself. The puppy was fast asleep so I had some time. I went to King Arthur's website and settled on this recipe

They were very easy to make -- I made a few large buns and some small for a future recipe for sliders. The only thing I would change on this recipe next time is to add a little white-wheat flour. They are very tender so I think they can handle a bit of wheat flour without becoming too heavy.

While the rolls were proofing I formed the beans mixture into patties and then put it onto a cookie sheet in the freezer. If you freeze the patties for about 30 minutes before cooking them it keeps them from falling apart when they're flipped.

I also used up some of the leftover cilantro to make a sauce for my burgers: I mixed some plain yogurt with the juice of half a lime and some chopped cilantro.  I put this on the bottom half of the griddled bun, and then topped it with salsa.

After pan-frying the burger, I topped it with some cheddar and covered the pan to encourage the cheese to melt. Then I placed the burger on top of the salsa and yogurt.

Rafe is VERY skeptical of meatless meals - assuming that they will not fill him up the way that a traditional dinner can. He happily ate this 2 nights in a row! Although they were meatless they were incredibly hearty and flavorful. He's a sucker for anything with Mexican flavors so I think the chili powder sold him on these.

And the fact that I made fresh buns.

What's your favorite way to cook beans??


  1. I love that you just whipped up some bread. Our class at King Arthur Flour totally changed our attitude about baking!

    I made a cannellini bean dip last night that will be on the blog this weekend!

  2. I did make that sound kind of nonchalant, huh? like, oh, Rafe wanted cake so I just whipped up a 3 tiered chocolate confection....

    haha, its the beauty of Monday's off :)

  3. I looove homemade black bean burgers, but have never taken the time to make my own rolls. They look incredible!

  4. What an awesome and simple recipe! I haven't made bean burgers in so long, I should definitely try this.

  5. roscoe is the cutest! these rolls look amazing and I am totally noticing our same plates!!

  6. You are so creative. I love how this meal is completely homemade. And Roscoe is too cute! I think he needs to meet Gunner.

  7. aww, roscoe! :) i'm mad impressed you found time to make burgers and buns! what time is dinner? ;)

  8. wow everything made from scratch! I don't like the taste of store-bought hamburger buns, and making your own sound like such a good idea! also I <3 cilantro anything. :)

  9. Yup. Dogs are like kids. Wear them out....or just put alcohol in their juice.

  10. I'm catching up on your blog and omg, your puppy is so cute!!! Also, Adam feels the same way about meatless meals but black beans win him over. I actually made black bean burgers this week too (which were SO good - had cheese and jalapenos in them) but I'm particularly impressed with your homemade buns. It wouldn't even cross my mind to do that and now I NEED homemade buns in my life :)

  11. Your dog is adorable!
    I love bean burgers--your recipe sounds delicious, and I love that you made homemade buns, what a great idea!

  12. Yum! Black bean burgers are one of my very favorite things!! :) These look awesome!


  13. What a great meal! I love bean burgers and love that you made your own buns - I must try that, they look awesome!

  14. oh these look like they came out perfect!

  15. Apolinaras is the same way - he wants meat at every meal, which I can totally do without. I'll have to make these for him!

  16. These are SO going on my to-make list. Beautiful. I just heard that meat is going to go up 7.5% in cost, so among other reasons, we are trying to eat more meatless meals. Good job on the buns!