Saturday, May 14, 2011

Malaysian Chicken

My posts are about my kitchen triumphs...but rest asured that my kitchen does not exist in some vacuum where meat is always perfectly seared, pasta always al dente, and toast is perfectly golden brown.

My cheesecakes crack, sandwiches get soggy, and cheese gets moldy in my fridge too (just scrape of the gross bits and move on). The way you handle these mini kitchen disasters is key....that is once you've thrown your tantrum, laid down on the floor in you kitchen and declared NEVER AGAIN. Then you dust yourself off, whip up some sort of frosting and nobody will EVER know that the cheesecake had a crack.

Except you. But a couple of glasses of wine and you'll forget too.

So this dinner of Malaysian Chicken started out with the best of intentions. Using up the leftover chicken thighs from this meal that had been sitting in the freezer for almost too long. Fine Cooking magazine, which generally does not let me down, did an entire spread on 1 pot dinners. Malaysian chicken and rice? sounds yummy and exotic....and kind of easy.

I started the rice as directed, then threw my chicken into the mix.

I happily made my sauces and garnishes

And in my excitement I even whipped up an asian inspired sauce for my steamed green beans.

Everything laid out and ready to can almost feel the excitement of a well composed meal...

Looks just like the picture in the magazine!!

So here is where dinner went all wrong. Right when Rafe and I dug into the chicken....Pink all over the place. It was RAW
I followed the directions to the LETTER.

UGH. I put the chicken in the oven, rather than the stovetop as the recipe instructs, then PROMPTLY went to the website to see if there were any comments of similar experience to try and mend my bruised cooking ego.

There were, so I felt slightly better - but we ate about 40 minutes later than planned. It was a bummer, but I probably would make this dish again. The flavors were great. The crispy rice made a great texture, ad the spice of the jalapenos were the perfect accent....

Next time, though,  I'm using chicken breasts or searing the chicken first and cooking it longer - then finishing in the oven!!!

Ugh, what was your last cooking disaster?


  1. I constantly read reader comments on recipes that I find online because I've had these kind of experiences way too many times! Glad you managed to save the meal though!

  2. no worries, it happens. one-pots are almost too good to be true!

  3. oh man, tough break. at least it was salvageable and the meal looks good!!

  4. I made a gorgeous pumpkin bread pudding. Two actually but had to make them separately because they both wouldn't fit in my oven. I had day old, crispy baguette torn into huge chunks, homemade roasted pumpkin (never out of a can), and my creamy egg and cream mixture ready to go. I made one, redid the whole recipe and made the second. They LOOKED gorgeous! I couldn't resist dipping into one of them and that's when I realized...I forgot to add the sugar. It was HORRIBLE! Inedible. Fortunately, I remembered the sugar in the second one but I distinctly remember thinking "Hmm...I feel like I'm missing something!" :-P

  5. Oh my gosh. I'm sorry the chicken was pink. I make cooking mistakes ALL THE TIME. Part of the learning process :)

  6. That is the worst. I can't stand when recipes don't work when I know I followed the directions. I want to take people and shake them and yell, "Hire me! I'll be a recipe tester." It sounds like you rescued the meal though... which is a huge testament to what a great cook you are!

  7. Bummer!! At least you spotted it quickly. This weekend I was making pomegranate molasses- which went from thick and syrupy to burnt and nasty really quickly. oops. it was a real pain to clean and it was a TOTAL fail.

  8. Well, it ended up looking delicious! And at least it was a meal that could be saved... because sometimes they can't be :) Reader comments definitely help on online recipes, though they can sometimes confuse too.. But really, this looks delicious!


  9. When I was in Singapore, a friend of mine took me to a restaurant to try out the Hainan Chicken Rice, the chef steamed the chicken instead of roasted it or fried it.

  10. The end result sounds good! I tend to read reader comments on recipes and often will skip over recipes if there seem to be too many issues. I have cooking disasters all the time!