Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ten Tables Provincetown

So much to celebrate! Finals are over, Rafe and I celebrated another anniversary, and I finally cashed in my fantasy baseball dinner!!


For a little background, I hate Rafe's fantasy baseball obsession. He checks his team what seems like a zillion times a day, all he talks about with friends are trade deals and stats....and have you noticed how long the baseball season is?

Well, last year I told him that I'd complain about it much less if there was something in it for me. We agreed that if he won he needed to take me out to a dinner of my choosing. Well, he won last October and I've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to celebrate his winning. So when he suggested an impromptu trip to Cape Cod after the close of the semester, I cashed in my dinner for Ten Tables Provincetown.

A third outpost of what was originally a Jamaica Plain restaurant (there is also a location in Cambridge) Ten Tables bills themselves as a neighborhood restaurant with inventive yet accessible food and drink.

On Bradford street, parallel to Commercial street, Ten Tables is a small, cozy dining room. I loved the atmosphere in the dining room, clean lines, black and white photos on the wall, and simple placesettings.  The day we went was overcast and rainy - however it looks as though Ten Tables Provincetown will accommodate diners on their patio in the summer when weather permits.

Rafe and I both started with a Grapefruit Moon cocktail (house infused grapefruit and fresh ginger vodka with lillet blanc - $12). The drink was strong (in a good way) and really refreshing.

While we contemplated the menu we were served rolls - they came with an incredible butter infused with cayenne, honey and sea salt. It was addictive and rich with just a hint of spice on the back of our throats. I definitely plan on recreating this at home - such a simple combo, yet so surprisingly delicious.

We decided to split an appetizer of steamed clams (with fregola, celery, and pickled shallots $14). I was a little dissapointed with the size of the appetizer though still impressed with the flavor. I am an avowed celery hater, but somehow I finished my portion of this app deciding that celery tops are seriously underutilized in my cooking. They lent a fresh, lightly aromatic component to the briny clams. 

For my entree I decided on the shrimp and anson mills grits with soft-poached egg, chorizo ragout, and fine herbs ($23). I was relieved when the portion was MUCH bigger than the appetizer. 

To say that I enjoyed my meal was an understatement. Rafe and I both agreed that we had never had grits so creamy. I loved the flavor and texture of the ragout which was rich and spicy, but didn't overshadow the flavor of the shrimp. And the poached egg? The delicious runny yolk mingling with everything was so decadent....I was definitely in the clean plate club that night!!

For his entree Rafe ordered the marinated meyer hanger steak with fried potatoes, roasted romaine and salsa verde. The menu didn't mention anything about the sauce, which we determined to be some type of holladaise, but it was quite delicious. Though Rafe was a bit undecided about the roasted romaine, I thought it was a perfect accompaniment to the grilled steak and salsa verde.

Though Rafe generously offerred a trip to Ben and Jerry's in lieu of dessert, I explained that my restaurant experience would not be complete without sampling at least one dessert...And that Megan might kill me if she didn't have some idea of their dessert menu.

We ordered the chocolate terrine with thai basil ice cream and sea salt ($8). Since it was a terrine I was expecting more of a layered dessert, and when I tried my first bite it was a little too rich. Then I tried the ice cream, and it was good and creamy, but something about the thai basil made it taste a little too vegetal. But then, I gave it a third go and tried a bite with the two together (clearly as the chef intended) and it was incredible. I loved the way the salt and basil set off flavor nuances in the chocolate. Instead of tasting flatly rich, the terrine began bursting with flavors of vanilla, coffee and cinnamon. Very creative combination and excellent execution.

I am so glad I chose Ten Tables Provincetown to celebrate our anniversary. Rafe and I are at that point in our relationship where a fine dining experience can oftentimes be more of a burden than enjoyable. When we feel like we need to dress up in our fancy best just to eat good food, we get a little annoyed.  Ten Tables was our perfect spot - delivering excellent, well executed, flavorful dishes without the any kind of pretense or snobbery you usually find at a fine dining establishment.

I can't wait to go back....I'm going to have to think of another way - since Rafe's fantasy team is 2nd to last in the league this year!

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  1. Any of the Ten Tables locations has been on my go-to list forever. I am dying to try it. Every part of your meal looks fabulous. I would totally get down with the thai basil ice cream.

  2. I am really dying to try this outpost! I love ptown and it looks like TT fits right in with the vibe of the picturesque harbor town.

  3. that is awesome - way to get a little something special out of Rafe's baseball obsession! I love Ten Tables in JP and will have to take the ferry to Ptown to try this one!

  4. Hsppy anniversary! I'm ashamed to admit that I haven't tried Ten Tables Cambridge, even if I live in Harvard Square :p It's definitely on my to-do list this summer. That grits dish looks delicious!!

  5. Happy Anniversary! Ten Tables was a great place to celebrate. I had no idea there was a Cape location.

  6. what a wonderful meal! I have always wanted to go to Cape Cod for the gorgeous beaches, and now I want to go for the food, too! :)

  7. Happy Anniversary! I didn't realize there was a TT in Provincetown-- very excited about this, as we are Cape-bound most summer weekends. Gorgeous photos!

  8. Happy Anniversary!

    I also have a fantasy baseball-obsessed significant other, so I completely feel your pain. He usually wins too, so I may need to bring up this arrangement.

    Everything you had looked wonderful! The chocolate terrine and Thai basil ice cream I had at the Cambridge location was absolutely amazing... glad you enjoyed it together!

    I can't wait to visit the P-Town location!