Thursday, September 8, 2011

Brown Butter Raspberry Tart

Rafe and I caught the tail-end of the U-pick raspberry season one weekend....and scoured the raspberry bushes for a few pints of sweet fruit. Leaving Rose's Berry Farm with scratches all over our arms, we finally came to terms with the high price of raspberries. They are tough to harvest and well worth the price!

Although we both love eating these fruity jewels all by themselves, we were expecting company that same week and I thought it best to share the wealth of our bounty. I saw this Brown Butter Raspberry Tart recipe last summer in Bon Appetit and thought it would make the perfect dessert to highlight our haul.

Standard tart work ensued, making the crust and blind-baking it. This is an easy recipe though - no rolling needed! Just crumble the dough and press it into place.

Arrange the raspberries....

and try not to eat too many while placing them upside-down on the tart shell.

brown the butter

That will become the flavor base of this delicious tart.

This is right before it went into the oven...

We served the tart with some dulce de leche ice cream. The sweet-tart raspberries were a perfect balance to the rich brown butter custard. I made Rafe bring the remaining tart to work so I wouldn't devour the entire thing....It went VERY well with coffee :)


  1. Wow. That tart looks fantastic. The crust is so neat and gorgeous. I wonder if I could make this with stone fruit. I have a nice stockpile of peaches.

  2. Looks beautiful! I made something similar last year... combined this tart recipe with another one and made minis. :) Have missed your posts!

  3. This looks incredible. I need a tart pan!

  4. You had me at brown butter! Love the raspberries in there!

  5. I love easy tart crusts like that!! Plus they always look so impressive in the pan :) Looks delicious!!