Saturday, November 19, 2011

Chicken and Dumplings

Sick and homebound has its drawbacks: I have to break plans with friends to socialize, I'm too tired to run errands or workout. But there is one minor upside - a little quality time with my kitchen.

Sometimes when I'm sick only a bowl of chicken soup will do the trick, and nothing out of a can will ever live up to the chicken and dumplings recipe from Cooks Illustrated.


The stew is so rich and satisfying, and the dumplings are light, but don't fall apart in the soup.
And if you want my opinion. Make this a day ahead of when you want to serve it -- it gets even better a day later, after all the ingredients have had a chance to hang out for a while.

 What do you crave when you aren't feeling well?


  1. I also crave chicken soup. I'm planning to make some turkey soup this weekend, and I'll have to see if it has the same healing benefits! Sorry you're not feeling well... hope you're better soon!

  2. I crave hot and sour soup when I'm sick. Chicken and dumplings would be really good as well.

  3. I love chicken soup too when I'm sick. This looks great, especially for when you are sick or a chilly night!