Sunday, November 20, 2011

Make ahead Cinnamon rolls

It is almost time for my most beloved holiday: Thanksgiving! This year Rafe and I are celebrating with my parents. Since my mom has had a busy few months at work, and I'm more than happy to contribute, I've taken on a few of the turkey-day recipes to bring. Even Rafe will be bringing his delicious mashed potatoes!

In an effort to limit day-of stresses, I do my best to do little things throughout the week preceding Thanksgiving so I don't get overwhelmed. Since I've been home bound most of the weekend, I decided that making the rolls for dinner would be a great thing to make-ahead. Once baked, I froze them. I will take them out of the freezer Thanksgiving morning, and warm them in the oven while the bird is resting.

This year is a fairly small group for dinner, only 5 adults (and one puppy) - so the yield of 30 rolls from Martha's recipe seemed a little excessive. Thankfully, Ms. Stewart reminded me that the same dough can be used for cinnamon rolls.

Once I baked half of the dough into dinner rolls, I got started with the cinnamon-nut buns. I omitted the chocolate chips, and I was feeling lazy, so rather than her recommended glaze, I made a simple one with some confectioners sugar, vanilla extract, milk, and a teaspoon of yogurt (was trying to make it a little tangy and a smidge less cloying) - it worked.

I generally prefer a savory breakfast on the weekends - but this was a nice treat with a hot cup of coffee. And, the dough made enough buns for another whole tray...maybe Christmas morning breakfast?


  1. That Martha is just so great :) These look delicious. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. I'm already thinking I may make sticky buns for Christmas Eve morning. We always have latkes on Christmas morning. :)

    You're so resourceful!

  3. These look delicious. I bet your house smelled delicious!

  4. These sticky buns look insane. Awesome job on the frosting!