Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pressure Cooker

I'm having some technical difficulties with uploading my photos. I usually just put my camera memory card right into my Macbook and use iPhoto to indicate which pictures I'd like to upload. For some reason, it keeps giving me an error message about ejecting the card improperly.

Since I can't seem to post any photos from my camera, I wanted to give you guys a little movie review. I'm currently obsessed with watching documentaries via my Netflix subscription. Combine that with my love of food, and I've watched a LOT of food movies of late.

One that I really loved, is Pressure Cooker.

 It is a documentary about a high school culinary class in a Philadelphia school. It chronicles three students as they train with their tough as nails teacher for the city-wide culinary competition with the hopes of winning scholarships for furthering their food education.

I enjoyed the cooking, of course, but what really resonated with me was the drive and ambition of these kids. I know what I was like in high school, and I certainly wouldn't have step foot inside of the school when I was on vacation - but these kids put in long hours of practice during their school breaks.

In addition to their rigorous training regimen, these kids all have to overcome different personal struggles within their own families. I loved seeing how cooking became an escape for all of them, and a way out of the inner city for a few lucky students.

For an uplifting look at how a passion for culinary arts can change lives, check out Pressure Cooker.