Thursday, January 3, 2013

Yoga Teacher Training

Today I find myself thinking a lot about yoga, what it means to me and how it has a way of inserting itself into every part of my life. I'm likely so reflective because I start my 200 hour yoga teacher training this Saturday. I am so excited for my continued yoga journey, and my opportunity to train & learn from my yoga teacher Suzanne who I respect and admire for her dedication to the practice, and to the greater good

I am also looking forward to meeting the rest of the class. So much of these experiences are determined by the people who you share them with. I am told we will have a couple veterans in our midst, from the Veteran's Yoga Project - and I look forward to learning from their experiences with the practice. 

Yoga is a great physical challenge, but it also has a lot of benefits that are more subtle than toned shoulders and a good butt. For me, it brings me a peace of mind that I don't naturally possess. I am at my core, a hyper, fast thinking, fast talking, frenetic type of person. I can be quick witted, or quickly angered depending on the day (or sometimes what I've had for lunch...eek!).

Yoga is my permission to slow down, breathe deeply, and connect with my innermost true-self. When I am actively practicing I let go of the need to have all the answers, or finish the test first....and become someone who wants to be nice to other people, be helpful, and be happy with all the blessings that she possesses.

So, for me, yoga isn't all about the stretching and the good butt (though, lululemon crops help in that department...something about that fabric is magic for the buns). Yoga is my *me* time and my reminder to cool it, and not feel the need to do everything PERFECTLY....and beat myself up when I get something wrong.

It's about acceptance of a lot...but first, of myself. 


  1. Good luck Alicia! It sounds amazing and like a great journey!

  2. More than just a good butt? I'm going to the wrong class. See you next month.